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Alice Antonovsky
New York, NY

Testimonials (All names and pictures have been changed for privacy purposes)

I am a high performance athlete from Venezuela- A year ago, I wanted to take my athletic career to the next level so my cousin in the US advised me to contact Alice Antonovsky. I was so lucky to find her! She is honest, professional and has a vast immigration experience. I did not have an employer in the US, but Ms. Antonovsky explained me I can apply through an agency. She is helping me prepare the evidence.

Camila Martinez – Venezuela,

I was granted a O-1 visa 3 years ago. I am surprised of my successful and rewarding career here in New York. I love the US and I’m sure I can build a brighter future for me and my family if I stay in the United States. I contacted Ms. Antonovsky to guide me to apply for a Green Card. From the first consultation, she listened to me and gave me the attention I deserve. She has a keen eye for detail and keeps me updated if any news arise. So far so good!

Fernando Ordoñez – México - Photographer ,

I am a Paraguayan scientist. My potential employer in the US hired Alice Antonovsky to help me apply for an O-1 visa. Ms Antonovsky told me I had to prove that I have contributed to the scientific field, so I gave her some critical reviews I’ve received in magazines. The application process was easier than I initially thought it would be. Ms Antonovsky was very committed to my case! She knows the immigration law very well.

Lucia Cañete- Paraguay.,

As an illegal immigrant, I hired Alice Antonovsky to help me fix my migratory situation. I had followed some bad advice in the past and really wanted to come clean with immigration authorities. Ms. Antonovsky was very helpful and helped me understand there was still a chance for my family to stay together. Thank you!

Adriana Sanchez,

I escaped a violent past from a very unstable family a few years ago. Coming to the United States was my survival option. Being here, I met people who helped me out in different ways. They advised me to get a professional assessment on my immigration situation. Luckily, I went to Alice for help and she did not disappoint. I can absolutely recommend her legal services.

Alex Petrelli,

I contacted Alice Antonovsky when I needed help understanding my migratory status. She helped me find the most suitable program to apply for and I am now a legal permanent resident. Thank you for your help!

José Hernandez,

Having gone through a work visa application myself, I advise you to get help from someone who has experience. At first, I made several mistakes that a lawyer would have avoided. Alice was very professional and dedicated. Highly recommended!

Ana Ares,

When I got a job offer from an American company, I had no idea what to do next. Fortunately, Alice Antonovsky was able to help and I completed the process with little to no stress. Thank you Alice!

Jesus Croce,

I studied engineering in one of the most prestigious universities in Colombia. Unfortunately, finding a job was really hard, so my sister who was married to an American told me to come to the US. I enrolled NYU to continue studying and just decided to hire Alice Antonovsky to help me find a suitable option to change my student status. She is very understanding and professional. Great lawyer so far!

Marcela Guzman.,

When I met Alice Antonovsky, I was looking for a qualified person to help me identify the type of visa I needed to stay in the United States permanently. She evaluated my situation very objectively and let me choose the path that seemed closer to my needs. Today, I am a permanent resident and I thank her deeply.

Vittorio Mauriello,

I started looking for an immigration lawyer after applying for my son’s Green Card and getting no answers. Alice helped me evaluate the situation and found out I had not sent some required information by immigration authorities. I then provided what was needed and the issue was quickly resolved. My son is now living with me in New York and I couldn’t be happier.

Ari Abanhadour,

I was scared to apply for naturalization because of the citizenship test. However, I went to Alice Antonovsky for advice and she helped me realize it was an important step. She helped me prepare and I felt really confident going to the test. Thank you Alice!

Mariana Ferreira,

I have lived in the US for 15 years as a legal permanent resident. I never felt the need to apply for naturalization, until I realized I would have the opportunity to vote. This country has been extremely welcoming to me and my family, so I’m glad to call myself an American now. Thank you Alice Antonovsky for all your help!

Jelena Cilic,

I contacted Alice Antonovsky because a close friend said she could help me out with any immigration matter. She was very kind at explaining me every option. I now have my Green Card and could not be any happier. Thank you Mrs. Antonovsky for helping get a fresh start in life.


So many applications, I didn’t know what to do. Alice Antonovsky explained everything and walked me through the whole process. She told me what to expect and how long it would take to get my work permit. She is kind and professional. She is now helping my cousin.

Martin G.,

English is not my first language, so it was scary to have to fill out papers with no help. Alice Antonovsky and her team worked with me and help me with all the papers. I now have work permit and can take care of my family legally. Thank you Ms. Antonovsky.

Ivan M. ,

I hired Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky, when I wanted to open my own business. Ms. Antonovsky consulted me on various business structures, what I should do with respect to my partner, she prepared all of the necessary paperwork for me. The whole thing was much easier than I had anticipated. Ms. Antonovsky is a great attorney, with a great personality and is a pleasure to work with. I recommend her to anyone who looks for an attorney and will continue to use her services for years to come. Thanks a lot.

Marina K.,

I wanted to stay in the United States with my son. Alice told me what to do and helped me with getting a Visa. She is kind and listened to my problems. Now I can stay with my son with no worry.

Miriam P.,

I hired Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky to help me with getting a Visa so I could stay in the United States with my family. She explained everything to me and made sure to explain how to fill the application. She was easy to talk to and I got to speak to someone in my own language.

Liliana S.,

I asked the Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky for legal help. I am very grateful for achieving the outcomes I got. Ms. Antonovsky explained my case in simple terms, kept me always informed and handled my process professionally from beginning to end.

Steph, 2012.,

My family business was at risk of total loss because of my country’s political situation. So I had to make the hard decision of closing it or take it to a different place. One of my partners recommended Alice Antonovsky and she told me about the US investors visas. I completed the process and opened my business in the US. My family tradition keeps alive, just in a different country.

Felipe Gonzalez,

After my asylum request was denied, I went to Alice Antonovsky for help. I was worried of what could happened to me if I had to return to my own country. She found some mistakes on my petition and helped me understand what could have been confusing to immigration authorities. She helped me solve the situation and I now live legally in the US.

Alicia Gutierrez,

I am a permanent resident from Brazil. My wife was undocumented, so I hired Alice Antonovsky to legalize her status and avoid future problems. Alice Antonovsky told me I had to become a US citizen first to help my wife. Ms. Antonovsky guided me through the process and also help me get ready for the interview. I just received my Oath Ceremony notice! Alice will continue working on my wife’s residency case. I am very pleased with her work!

Bernardo Guimaraes.,

I was a permanent resident living in the US for more than 6 years. I wanted to become a US citizen because I was going to marry my girlfriend; however, I did do not know if it was the correct idea because I have a DUI on my record. Since my situation was very complicated, I hired Alice Antonovsky. She gave me honest advice and she did a terrific job representing me in court.

Steven Jimenez.,

I was an Indian permanent resident based on my marriage with an American citizen. Two years after my marriage, I got divorced due to serious marital problems. I continued living in the US, but I was unsure if I would be able to become a US citizen. So, I hired Alice Antonovsky to take my case. She filed and process my application in a timely manner and I am now a US Citizen. Thanks for your understanding and commitment to my case!

Amit Haksar.,

I am a Colombian engineer with an H1-B nonimmigrant visa. After three months of living in the US, I contacted Alice Antonovsky to help me clear my doubts on the H-4 visa. Ms. Antonovsky is a professional lawyer; she walked me through the entire process and I could successfully bring my family to the US. My wife and 3-old son have H4 status now. My wife pursues her hobbies and has the time to raise our kid!

Martin Sandoval.,

My husband is on H1B visa and I am a H-4 visa holder. As soon as we arrived, I started to volunteer at the library, which was great because I kept myself busy and met new people. However, I wanted to do some work rather than staying at home except for a couple of hours. So, I contacted Alice Antonovsky to help me a suitable option to get a work permit. She helped me file form I-765, I paid the required fee and luckily I received my EAD. I am now I am able to work and get paid. Thanks Ms. Antonovsky!

Bibiana Morato ,

I am from Haiti and arrived to the US in 2010. I had no idea I could apply for a TPS until I scheduled a consultation with attorney Alice Antonovsky. She told me I was eligible and explained me I had to fill out form I-821 and collect other supporting evidence. Thanks to Ms. Antonovsky applying for temporary protected status was pretty straightforward!

Patricia Daumec. ,

I first came to the united States when I was only 17 years old. I was born in Guatemala and lived with my uncle in New Jersey.Since I was undocumented, my uncle hired Alice Antonovsky to guide me in the process for a applying for a TPS. Thanks to her, the process wasn’t as stressful as I thought. I was given TPS and can now take advantage of in-state tuition rates.

Diego Rozo- Nicaragua ,

I was granted a TPS, but I failed to renew it. I was afraid I could get deported, so I sought legal advice from an expert in immigration services. Alice Antonovsky carefully listened to my case and explained me the situation in simple terms. Since I was able to proof that I had “ good cause” for failing to renew my TPS, USCIS approved my TPS application and issued my work permit. Thank you Ms. Antonovsky for all the work you put into my case !

Carolina Ortiz-Honduras.,

My name is Sami, a Christian who lived in Syria. As I feared that I would be persecuted because of my religion, I traveled to the US. I contacted Alice Antonovsky to help me go through the asylum process. She explained to me that I had to prove that I was persecuted in my home country. Since I was in true danger, I compiled all documents in less than a month. Ms. Antonovsky guided me through each and every stage of the process with kindness and patience.

Sami Homsi.,

I am an architect from Mexico. Two years ago my employer filed an HB1 petition for me to work in the US for only six months, but later he asked me if I wanted to stay for over three years- a great opportunity for me to grow in my career! I got in touch with immigration lawyer Alice Antonovsky who explained me how to apply for an H4 visa for my wife and daughter who were living in DF. Ms. Antonovsky helped me filled out all paperwork and this process was easier than I thought It’d be!

Ricardo Contreras.,

I’ve always dreamed of living in the United States because I could have better living conditions and a safe environment to raise my kids. I arrived to Brooklyn seven years ago.Now I really need to legalize my status, so I scheduled consultations with different lawyers in New York and I finally chose Alice Antonovsky. She has experience dealing with complex immigration cases and her dedication to my case was impressive!

Magdalena Nieto.,

I came from China as an undocumented immigrant 4 years ago. I needed to find a path to legalize my status, so my brother in-law recommended me a reliable lawyer to represent me in court. Ms Antonovsky offers confidential consultations and gives me the time and attention I need. She explained me various options I have and based on her expertise and suggestions, I am going to apply for a presence waiver.

Ayano Wong.,

My mother held a leadership position in an international aid organization in Kenya. All of a sudden a group of guerrillas came to the house and tortured her. I needed legal advice by an immigration expert and contacted Alice Antonovsky. She is a caring and dedicated attorney with vast immigration experience. She assisted me through the entire process, and now we even receive government benefits!

Tanui Kamel.,

I was the owner of a prosperous business and victim of gang violence in El Salvador. I received threatening messages by gangs, and I was afraid my family and me would be kidnapped or even killed so I took the first flight to New York. We entered the US as visitors, but we feared for our lives back home. Thankfully, Ms. Alice Antonovsky guided us through the asylum process at a reasonable price. She was always available to clear our doubts. Thank you Ms. Alice Antonovsky!

Giovani Pinilla,

Two years ago I started to study for a Master’s degree in the US. Once I finished my studies, I wanted to stay in the United States. I did not know if I was eligible to change my immigration status, so I contacted the law offices of Alice Antonovsky. She was very honest and professional in explaining the process to me. She has clients from all over the world and no hidden fees!

Eva Tarnai.,

The multinational company I worked for asked me to move to the United States. After living in New York for over 5 years, I wanted to change my status so I could live permanently in the US without having to worry about my employment contract. Alice Antonovsky helped me to successfully change my status.

Eduardo Cortés. ,

I arrived to the US with a J-1 Au Pair visa. This visa allowed me to stay in the States for one year with the option to extend my stay for another year. After two years in the US, I needed to adjust my status as I was going to marry my American fiancé. I had no idea of the immigration process, so we hired Ms. Antonovsky. She explained the process, step by step and gave us tips to succeed in the interview. The immigration process went perfect, I cannot be happier!

Lucía Salazar.,

My cousin who lives in the US told me to apply for the green card lottery. After some research, I found out I was eligible to apply. Luckily for me, I decided to seek legal advice and found Ms. Antonovsky. She has cleared all my doubts and gave honest advice. There are no hidden costs and she takes time to explain everything to me! So far, so good.

Julio Perdomo - Bolivia. ,

I am a resident of Venezuela with one 7-year old kid. I hired Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky to help me explore the possibilities for me and my kid to immigrate to the United States. I was eligible to apply for the green card lottery program. She helped me fill out the online application last year and I am currently waiting to see if I am selected to continue the process. Thank you Ms. Antonovsky for all your guidance!

Diana Echavarria.,

I applied for the green card lottery program in 2013 and was luckily selected to continue with the process. Since I had chances of winning the green card lottery, I hired Ms. Antonovsky to avoid making mistakes when submitting all supporting documentation and to help me get ready for the interview. I was really amazed how smoothly and fast the process went. Best of all, Ms. Antonovsky provides multilingual services!

Anna Savostina.,

I came to the US as an international student and married one of my classmates. We never submitted any status adjustment applications until my student visa was about to expire. That’s when we contacted Alice Antonovsky and we are glad to have found her! It would’ve being confusing to do it all on our own.

Brielle Dos Santos,

I’d like to thank Alice Antonovsky for her dedicated services and help. She was very kind and helpful to my family and we can now say we have a legal status and have no fear of deportation. Thank you!

Malina Zelkowicz,

I always had the dream of opening my own business in a country that assured me stability. I reached Alice Antonovsky through friends. I certify that she is a great professional and I recommend it.

Jorge Ramirez,

I called the Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky to ask for some advice from business immigration. I was not sure if she could help, but I was pleasantly surprised by Alice’s dedication. She explained all the options and answered all my questions. I did not have to worry at all about the complicated forms and everything happened very fast. Thanks Alice!

Joe Molina,

Ms. Alice Antonvsky, Thank you for attempting the impossible. You have changed my life. After being here illegally for 17 years, I now have a green card thanks to you.


My name is Elena, I hired Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky last summer to help me with my immigration situation. I called a lot of offices and even had several consultations before finally hiring Alice Antonovsky to be my attorney. She is honest and straight forward. No hidden costs, no nonsense. Her staff is also very friendly and helpful. Thank you Ms. Antonovsky for your help.


My parents brought me to the United States as a minor. I was unaware of my immigration status or options, until I heard some friends concerned about my situation. Luckily, I decided to seek legal advice and found Ms. Antonovsky. She helped me understand my situation and legalize my legal status. Thank you I have no fear of being removed from the country.

Julio Gallardo,