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Immigrate to the US With an Investor Visa

The United States has a visa classification for investors since 1990, which allows foreigners to open businesses in the country. The strategy attracts foreign capital and new employment opportunities for nationals and legal immigrants.

Investors are required to open a commercial enterprise, which means a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a holding company, a joint venture, a corporation or a business trust.

The general capital requirement for an investors visa is $1 million. However, if the new company will be opened within a rural area or a targeted area, the amount drops to $500,000. With this strategy, the US makes sure to encourage investments in areas with a high unemployment rate.

company, following the legal requirements in the US
is $500,000 to $ 1 million, depending on the chosen location
and maintain a minimum of 10 full-time jobs for American workers, within the first 2 years of activity
Alice Antonovsky

• Employment Based Immigration
• Petition for Foreign Workers
• Work permit
• Status settings
• Naturalization
• Green Cards
• Visa Lottery
• Petition for Family
• Marriage Based Immigration
• Temporary Protected Status

Benefits of an Investors Visa
  • Once approved, you and your dependents can live legally in the United States. If granted Green Cards to their dependents they can also work and enjoy the benefits of a permanent residence.
  • Investors are able to open their own business in a sound financial environment, which offers a great opportunity for success and the opportunity to enhance local employment.
  • Holders of an investor visa can travel abroad and re-enter the US without restrictions.
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