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The Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky, PLLC takes pride in helping its clients legalize their status in the United States, apply for the right kind of visa and keep their families together through the most suitable application method.
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• Naturalization
• Marriage and naturalization interviews
• Deportation and Removal Defense
• Adjustment of Status
• Waivers
• Non- immigration Work Visas
• International students
• Employment Based Green Cards

Key Facts About U.S.
Lawful Permanent Residents
  • Green card holders whose card is expiring should apply for a new card by completing immigration Form I-90, paying a fee and gathering the supporting documentation.
  • Lawful permanent residents do not have the right to vote, do not have a US passport, and can be deported if convicted of an aggravated assault.
  • LPRs must pass an English and civics test to become a U.S. citizen.
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