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The Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky, PLLC takes pride in helping its clients legalize their status in the United States, apply for the right kind of visa and keep their families together through the most suitable application method.
This is what you need to know about the deportation process

Immigration Lawyer Alice Antonovsky is often representing clients in immigration court throughout the tri-state area. Her experience allows her to offer a personalized and honest assessment.

Depending on the illegal immigrant’s situation, they may be eligible for some sort of status adjustment to remove the deportation risk. For example, you can request an unlawful presence waiver. This mechanism applies to those with an American citizen dependant who would experience extreme difficulties if the deportation was completed.

In some cases, you may appeal a deportation order. If so, you need to evaluate your situation with complete honesty and prepare your defense. To do this, Alice Antonovsky can guide and comply with the legal procedures of deportation defense.

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In case you have receiveda Notice to Appear (NTA),
it is possible to appeal
against deportation
a Notice to Appear (NTA),
it is possible to appeal
against deportation
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• Deportation and Removal Defense
• Family Based Immigration
• Green Cards for Marriage
• Employment Based Green Cards
• International students
• Naturalization
• Political asylum

Key Facts About
Deportation Defense
  • An experienced immigration lawyer has the expertise to find the most suitable alternative to avoid deportation. A qualified attorney can help you make the strongest argument possible and prepare you for the court hearing.
  • Don’t lie or hide any information from your lawyer. It is important to take every fact of your immigration history in order to prepare a good defense. Immigration Attorneys are committed to provide a careful analysis of your case to find the best solution avoiding unnecessary mistakes.
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3 Things
You Need to Know ABOUT
YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED BY LAW TO HIRE AN IMMIGRATION LAWYER to handle your case. Howeveer, the process and paperwork can be overwhelming for individuals on their own.

THE AMERICAN IMMIGRATION LAWYERS ASSOCIATION (AILA) only recommends licensed attorneys, instead of Paralegals and Notarios.

IMMIGRATION PROFESSIONALS WIL NOT ONLY HANDLE VISA APPLICATION, they also help you in naturalization, family reunification and deportation cases.

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