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The Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky, PLLC takes pride in helping its clients legalize their status in the United States, apply for the right kind of visa and keep their families together through the most suitable application method.
All You Need to Know About Illegal Immigration in NYC

From the first wave of immigrants to reach the United States, New York has consistently been a top destination to a diverse population of people from around the globe. In fact, New York is the second state in the U.S. with the largest number of immigrants. According to Pew Research Center, foreigners were 15.9% of the state’s population in 1990.

In order to legally live and work in NYC, immigration authorities must grant you a valid visa. Engaging in any activities that differ from the purpose of your visit could be considered illegal. For example, those who enter the country with a tourist visa are not allowed to work, unless they request a status adjustment.

If you are planning to move to New York or seek temporary employment, make sure to check for all visa requirements and applications. Changing your status while living in the country is also be a possibility. However, we strongly recommend that you contact an immigration expert to evaluate your case individually.

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People without a valid visa that remain in the U.S. may face deportation.
and nonimmigrants classifications, you’ll find several visa types to choose from. It is important to apply for the one that best suits your case.
include temporary or permanent residence, student visas, political asylum, temporary protected status and investors visas.
Alice Antonovskyfor:

• Naturalization
• Political Asylum
• Student Visas
• Removal Defense
• Family-Based Immigration
• Employment-Based Green Cards
• Visas for Fiance of U.S. Citizens

What You Should Know
About Illegal Immigration
  • You must have a valid visa to enter the country. By overstaying the allowed period of time, you fall into an illegal status.
  • If you decide to embark on a different path than your original purpose of visit, you must apply for the visa that best represents your new plan and wait for approval.
  • New York implemented a card identification system that undocumented immigrants can use to open bank accounts and have access to city services.
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