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The Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky, PLLC takes pride in helping its clients legalize their status in the United States, apply for the right kind of visa and keep their families together through the most suitable application method.
Legalize Your Status in the US:
We’ll Help You Evaluate Your Options

The United States offer a number of visa and status adjustment options for you to legalize your situation. Avoid being at deportation risk and let Alice Antonovsky help you find the best option for your immigration case.

Some illegal immigrants have the option to apply for an Unlawful Presence Waiver. This procedure allows them to legalize their status after traveling to an embassy abroad and attending an immigration interview. Also a possibility, the special immigrant juvenile status for those who were victims of some kind of abuse or violent circumstances during their childhood.

Keep in mind that a status adjustment is not only relevant for those who have entered the country illegally. It also applies to those who want to change the purpose of their stay. For example, an individual who has come as an international student and needs a different visa to accept a job offer.

if the purpose of your visit to the US has changed. For example, coming as a tourist but deciding to stay as an international student.
for any of the available relief programs, such as the special immigrant juvenile status or unlawful presence waiver.
before facing an overwhelming deportation process. Contact us to evaluate your options.
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• Petition for Foreign Workers
• Work permit
• Status settings
• Naturalization
• Green Cards
• Visa Lottery
• Petition for Family
• Marriage Based Immigration
• Temporary Protected Status

Benefits of a Status Adjustment
  • By adjusting your immigration status, you avoid being at risk of deportation and losing the right to return to the US
  • Families can avoid the risk of being separated by adjusting the status of any family member on an illegal immigration status
  • Green Card holders and visa dependents enjoy several benefits and a sense of security that no illegal immigrant can have
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3 Things
You Need to Know ABOUT
IT IS IMPORTANT TO ADJUST YOUR STATUS TO SUIT THE PURPOSE of your stay in the United States. By doing this timely, you avoid any risks of breaking immigration laws.

SOME ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR STATUS ADJUSTMENTS under options like special immigrant juvenile status, for those who suffered abuse as minors.

THE UNLAWFUL PRESENCE WAIVER ALLOWS ELIGIBLE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to request a status adjustment, travel abroad for a visa interview and the return to the United States.

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