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Your Immigration Lawyer in Brooklyn, Alice Antonovsky

We know how important it is to find the right Immigration Lawyer to help you achieve your goals. As part of the second state with the largest number of foreign-born population, Brooklyn is no stranger to multiculturalism and visa applications. Our law firm is used to helping different clients. We listen to their stories and build a solid case to increase their chances for a positive outcome.

The United States of America offer several types of immigrant visas. Depending on your case, you can choose from family sponsorship, employment based visas, political asylum, refugees or diversity visas. The best way to select the most suitable option is to talk to a licensed and experienced professional. Legal advice will prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes and avoid delays.

If you come to the U.S. as a tourist and decide to change the purpose of your visit, it is necessary to change your immigration status. For example, if you decide to enroll in an academic activity, you need to request a study permit and wait for USCIS approval before starting your course.

Hiring an Immigration Attorney in Brooklyn

Hiring an Immigration Attorney is the best way to avoid paperwork and application mistakes. Professionals are used to handling complex application procedures. Rely on them to bring your immigration goal a step closer.

Brooklyn Immigration Statistics

New York has been the second state with a larger number of immigrants since 1990. According to PewResearchCenter reports, 2012 data shows 22.7% of the state’s population is foreign born. A significant increase from 1990’s data, when the amount of immigrants reached 15.9%. Only in Brooklyn, the U.S. Census Bureau reports 946,511 foreign born individuals.

The NYC Department of City Planning released a document in 2013 titled ‘The Newest Newyorkers‘. It contains detailed information of New York immigrants. The document shows 30.6% of the foreign born population in Brooklyn are from the Caribbean and nonhispanic countries. 25.4% from Asia, 20.4% from Europe, 19.8% from Latin America, 3% from Africa and 0.8% from other locations.

Part of the Immigration Process Means Choosing the Right Visa

If you are planning to move to Brooklyn because you have an employment offer, you need an employment based visa. It will grant you a temporary resident status, linked to the employer who nominated you. If you cease to work there, your temporary residency will expire unless you already have another employer. Please note that any of these changes must be notified to the immigration authorities.

You can also apply for a family based Green Card. A benefit that can be granted to those with a direct relative in the U.S, whether as Green Card holders or Citizens. Other available visas are permanent residency, temporary residency, student visas, political asylum and refugee status.

Additionally, the diversity lottery visa allows people from eligible countries to apply for a total of 50,000 Green Cards every year. The program assigns an amount of visas to be granted per world region. Selected applicants will then be allowed to show all requested information and receive a permanent resident status.

As we mentioned before, choosing the right kind of visa will depend on your case and needs. You can call our office and schedule a confidential consultation at (718) 924-2896 to analyze your case.

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Brooklyn Based Immigration Lawyers, Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky

As Brooklyn based Immigration Lawyers, Law offices of Alice Antonovsky offer you vast experience in immigration matters, a cost-saving solution, and personalized attention. Thanks to our firm’s confidentiality management and professionalism, you will be secure your future in the US and keep your family together.

Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky is a full service law firm that offers a broad range of legal services. We provide legal counsel to individuals, families, entrepreneurs and companies. We are experts in dealing with legal issues related to Immigration law. Different language communities such as Spanish and Russian seek our services, because there is no language barrier.

As the founder of the firm, Alice Antonovsky has represented hundreds clients with a wide variety of immigration issues in the Greater New York area and the five boroughs. Mrs. Alice Antonovsky is also admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of the State of New York and the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey. Trust in our conviction to consider each case as unique.

What Can We Do For You?

When there are so many lawyers to choose from, how do you choose the right one? Make sure to pick a lawyer who has a great reputation and who knows the current law. Since law, especially immigration, is constantly changing. You want to make sure your lawyer is on top of all of the current changes, which will empower him/her to represent you and your rights to the fullest extent possible.

The immigration process can be complicated. Let us guide you through:

For further information or inquiries, feel free to contact us. Your case will be evaluated and explained to you in comprehensive terms. If you are searching for a confidential consultation with an expert and reliable immigration lawyer in Brooklyn, call now at 1-718-924-2896.

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